Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Google docs Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Google docs - Assignment ExampleAlong with these tools, Google Docs also provides us to store documents created using these applications everywhere the Internet. For this purpose, it currently offers a disk space of 1GB. However, this storage space is offered free of cost and there are no additional charges involved in its upgrading. Moreover, Google kitty is always trying to implement ways to improve the performance and capabilities of its applications, services and capabilities. In this scenario, it has implemented a service for its users through which they mess upload documents or files of any type to available storage space. This service allows its users to effectively backup files online. Furthermore, the use of Google Docs and its support for application storage through cloud environment allow its users to access these applications and documents developed through these applications from anywhere and anytime (Firth & Mesureur, 2010 Ragupathi, 2013 Meloni, 2010 Zhou, Simpson, & Domizi, 2012).Without a doubt, this suite can be used by the students a number of ways. For instance, one of the most definitive use of Google Docs is to improve collaboration among students while working in teams. It is an admitted fact that students at university level work in groups. So using this suite they can be able to create documents that are available online for all the team members and changes made in these documents will become visible immediately (Firth & Mesureur, 2010 Meloni, 2010).Along with meliorate collaboration, Google Docs also provides an excellent platform for documents sharing. For instance, a student working on a specific task can share their work with their group fellows without direct individual emails (Firth & Mesureur, 2010 Meloni, 2010).It is an affordable way to share documents. In fact, it is a secure and cost-effective mechanism for data backup. It provides a considerable

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