Sunday, June 9, 2019

Alternative ways of funding healthcare system Essay

Alternative ways of supporting health care system - Essay ExampleIn this regard, healthcare system is required to be properly funded with the goal of meeting the needs of patients with enhanced medical technology and providing best practiced medication as well as treatment facilities. Subsequently, the increase cost of healthcare has been the main concern for the social policy makers with regard to health insurance coverage and growth for Medicaid. The increasing prices of the healthcare system have become a major concern as compared to other healthcare objectives. Developing countries are identified to be struggling in an immense manner in order of magnitude to extend healthcare policies coverage in the entire population. The social and the health care system has been a mass concern and government intervention is incumbent to improve the same. The need of health policy planning has been observed to be a major requirement for the development of healthcare system within a country. Contextually, funds are required to be procured with the aim of conducting healthcare operations effectively. In order to build a sustainable healthcare system the component part relating to accessibility plays an important role for the healthcare system with regard to its availability and affordability (Gutirrez and Ferrara 1-16).Most of the countries are facing constant pressure to meet the need of funding of the healthcare policies owing to increasing healthcare expenditures. Presently, healthcare system needed adequate funds in order to meet the healthcare needs of tribe in an effective manner. Healthcare system obtains financial funds from different sources that include government firms, private firms, household or individuals, foreign charity constitution and non-governmental organisations (NGOs) among others.In healthcare system, funding is necessary for different factors that include implementation of innovative technology, redefining medical services, better access to

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