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An enemy of the People by Arthur Miller Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

An enemy of the People by Arthur Miller - Essay characterIn his play entitled An enemy of the People, Henrik Ibsen uses the character of Dr. Stockmann to bring out the extent to which the society can compromise the desires and beliefs of an individual. Reading through the play, one gets to take care how hard it is for hatful who have compromised their principles to be confronted by someone who has not. The use of the styles of characterization, irony, and symbolism help the author to show the reader ways in which a person can be disliked by the very same society he is doing his best to help. Dr. Stockmann, the main character of the play is a touristy practicing medical doctor as well as the medical officer of a small coastal town in Norway. He is the brother of the city manager, an classic figure in the town. In the play, Dr. Stockmann is the protagonist who struggles to do the right thing and stand against the social intolerances that he encounters in his day to day activities. As a health officer of the town, Dr. Stockmann discovers a problem with pollution that is causing illnesses to the towns tourists. To this effect, he comes up with a solution to the pollution problem which he presents to the Mayor. However, he discovers that it would not be an easy task to get the attention of the authorities and the townspeople as it becomes clear to him that they only care about the financial gain of the baths and not the problems they present. He realizes that he is alone in his quest for being right and notes .. (Ibsen 1011).Dr. Stockmann experiences a lot of negativity from the very same people of the town he is trying to help. When he discovers the extent of pollution in the waters, he believes that people will be interested in finding a solution. However, the townspeople, even his friends term him an enemy of the people mainly because his suggestions take the prosperity associated with the benefits of the baths back. He even notes himself Ive decided. I am an Enemy of the People(Ibsen 1028) when he finally accepts that most of the towns people will never support him. This brings out irony in the play. It is ironic because Dr. Stockmann had the best of intentions when he proposed limiting the damages of pollution by closing the baths. In any case, the people are their own enemy because their greed and desire for prosperity will in the end bring deadening and destruction to the town. It is clear that people do not realize the shortsightedness of their stand against Dr. Stockmanns opinion of what is best for the town. Ibsens use of imagery as brought out by the character of Dr. Stockmann who points out images of pollution throughout the play. At the beginning, Dr. Stockman literally discovers the polluted baths which in this case, are getting polluted by literal filth from the tanneries. As the play progresses, images of dirty water are used as a symbolic representation of object lesson and societal corruption. match to Roshwald, the re is the physical filth, as well as moral pollution, and one can see the biological poison as a representation of the moral corruption in the society (229). In a community, there are always selfish individuals who have compromised their principles and find it challenging when confronted by someone of integrity. The mayor is dishonest and callous, but his brother is an honest man and that is why as Roshwald notes, Dr. Stockman accuses his brother by saying We are making our living by retailing filth and corruption

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