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Discuss in what ways have these two technological innovations had an Essay

Discuss in what ways have these two technological innovations had an impact on international relations - Essay Example In addition to its ability to connect the different IT systems, internet also facilitates people on individual level to connect to one another. Internet has provided people living in different countries with the most cost-effective means to interact with one another more often. Thus international relations have been promoted through internet both on the level of a common man in the society and the nation as a whole. Since the introduction of internet into the society, it has been frequently used by the virtual organizations to create online democracy. Input for the decisions that affect the national and international political scenario is retrieved from the internet voters. Where this has generally provided the concerned authorities with a fairly convenient means of getting the public opinion on one hand, it has also, on the other hand, limited the representation of a significant population that is uneducated on the use of internet. It is noteworthy that a vast majority of the intern et users all over the world belong to the elite minority that represent â€Å"a fairly narrow spectrum of political discourse relative to local contest, rather than witnessing the emergence of cyberspace democracy or the incipient triumph of the internet in promoting civil society and democracy† (Moon-Gi 58). This speaks of the fact that the internet is yet far from being a setting for the democratic society that wants to share its views and make an impact through the cyberspace. The expansion of the cyberspace has conventionally had a huge impact upon the nature of political dialogue amongst the nations in general and their economic development in particular. Another prime driver of the online activity is the social sustainability. Cyber democracy requires increased representation of all communities of the society. Nuclear Bomb With the creation of nuclear bomb, the nature of war has undergone an altogether change. The world would have been a much different place to live in had nuclear bomb never been invented. Perhaps, there would have been more frequent breakouts of wars both within and among the countries all over the world. In the past, success in the war fundamentally depended upon the manual strength. People used to fight with arrows, swords and guns. Nuclear bomb has obviated the need to make use of any of these ancient weapons in the contemporary wars, yet nations tend to find other ways including dialogue and reconciliation to settle their disputes with their rivals rather than starting the war because there is no â€Å"winning the war† when it is a nuclear war. The nuclear war is just as harmful for the nation that is attacked as it is for the one that attacks, provided that both of them are nuclear powers. Since the division of the Indian subcontinent into India and Pakistan in 1947, tensions between the two nations only strengthened. The two countries have twice had a war with each other once in 1965 and the second time, in 1974, whe n East Pakistan got separated from its Western wing and became Bangladesh. At the time of division, it was decided that the cities with Muslim majority would make part of Pakistan. Kashmir, the Indian-held place with a majority of Muslims into it has conventionally

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