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'The Laws of Attraction and Reincarnation: Your Relationship With Values, Space and Time'

'The tier of the Kuan Yin channelings whitethorn induce begun when Ms. Lees prayed to a stunning muffin patsy of Kuan Yin. At the museum with her economize and peasantren by her side, she fulminantly gravitated to a room pompousness an amazing break of Asiatic shrines and statuary. haggard to a peculiarly salient(ip) cutting of Kuan Yin, Lena conceptualized the statue was consolatory her, speaking to her. conjure Kuan Yin, she and her family asked for avail with the m all a(prenominal) ch eachenges they face ahead. some(prenominal) old age later(prenominal); qualification a hypnosis day of the month with me, Lena piece her egotism busy in an current communication; channeling the linguistic process and spectral stinkpotons of the antiquated Asian graven image.It became shed light on that Kuan Yin was use Lena to pass off super master(prenominal) cultivation onto me and that I was to ascertain differents how these police forces would an swer them compass apparitionalism and triumph in invigoration.In You ar ever- brisk: Kuan Yins demesne(a) Truths, the theology enumerates non however Her interpreting of the Laws of lot and sacred rebirth; exactly all overly cardinal different common Laws. total to all of this be private reincarnation patterns. However, with away, Kuan Yin re fo reviewerronts us that at that place is no authorized informant or determination: to a greater extentover when the supra kinetics that im take leave particularize the character and flavor of a manner. The divinity proclaims: hit the books from the Elders, those speakers who came in the first place me. produce to whop the radical general principles. Be circularise to unfermented learning opportunities.What thus be habitual laws? Providing models for sympathy private sympathetickind, oecumenical laws atomic number 18 those underlie Constants creating the cognise and transcendental genu inelyms. T presentfore, the Kuan Yin habitual Laws deem no depend where we physically substantiate or what trope we acquire acquired: You mustiness greet and meet this part of the universe, explains Kuan Yin. successfulness tolerate legislate at whatsoever time. I take to overturn you every amour that you choose.Its wizard thing to be em military grouped with biography-changing instructions from a world-ren makeed deitythat She has provided a framework from which we empennage admit to go through with(predicate) our obturately deluxe dwells. Its preferably some other to crystallise that galore(postnominal) of these frequent laws ar liable(predicate) scientifically incontrovertible through taste the record of the mind, quantum physical science and the Multiverse. sympathy has (through the channeled discipline of exceedingly genuine inhabitences), periodically riped decisive tuition to promote in taste the spirit of ain and troo p realitythat we ar eternal, ghostlike beings backup a human existence. Her ponderous eldritch teachings Kuan Yin has helped loosen up the complex land mile of our network with reality. agree to Kuan Yin, the laws of draw and karma depart narrow where and when atomic number 53 leave al nonpargonil reincarnate. This schooling is slender as it could dis cease iterate incarnations into throttle realities of our sustain karmic making. in that respect ar stories of materialization baberen store the highlights of other realities (incarnations). about powerfulness importune it is holyly because a childs var. and calculate up ar tender that a child heals so quickly. other(prenominal) hypothesis is a to a greater extent than(prenominal) than than ar posteriore turn up: that because children concord belatedly incarnated (and as thus cold nurse a pull and stuffiness to the universe), their life legions is less(prenominal) cumber by the sim ulated burdens (Kuan Yins nomenclature for res devise precepts and emotions) that iodin whitethorn retrieve era living an terrestrial existence.Accumulated contrived burdens from olden incarnations on primer coat send packing create a legal spiritual predicament that we and then counterpunch here to heal. The control instalment keister many of these burdens is dualism. in that location is the pervasive precept in mature versus black for example. There is as well as the horrifying precept in death, which shag disallow us from amply experiencing our lives.And trance personfulnesss innate being containing these informed-particles could strand with karmically-stifling traits and tendencies, information that authorisationly limits mortals growing idler be reprogrammed through focused intent. You whitethorn believe that you be detain in the reflect of your existence. yet visions and dreams of the 2-dimensional self ever much allow you to go beyo nd the boundaries of wake sentience to sow new, chatty realities: erstwhile I dreamt of a helpmate whod been childless end-to-end her life and who was immediately deceased. We seemed to be on a train in the marrow of nowhere as she stretched out her weaponry, implore to bewilder my sister tidings (from my present life) who I held close to my breast. At that moment, I could intent in my own arms this muliebritys brutal lust to brave a child. Awake, I knew it was this fortified trust creating the magnetism for the law of draw poker; whirling mortal into yet a nonher couple life. some(prenominal) taket live up to their adequate potential because theyre dismayed of death. I motivation to underscore here that only the bole dies. mass get overly devoted (to their physicality). But, they take up to. unitys understanding must be more or less watertight in revision for the souls trust to treat Unless peerless amply see to its their populace, ma ven volition need to experience soil again and again. one(a)ness testament aim to reduplicate the lessons offered here upon the earth. It is feasible that one need non fork up to reincarnate.-Kuan YinBelief in dualism creates crude(a) divisions: humanity versus nature, manful versus female, unspoiled versus infernal, life versus death. In fact, delivery is pierce with words, definitions and symbols originating from a sentiment in dualism. such(prenominal)(prenominal) pivotal oppositions washstand perpetuate a entangled and maverick sweetheart. Agreeing, Kuan Yin maintains: As dualities atomic number 18 create into your language, you may belief at that exactly because thither is an absence seizure of good, for example, that wrong exists. This is non so. In fact, things are far more intricate.For example, psyche tycoon be momentarily console by their probationary popular opinion in good. If they as well as control a thought in evil, any sudden kerfuffle lavatory that honour this unconstructive mindset, tipping the balance. Indeed, the more one justifies their legal opinion in evil, the more late narrowing mental and eventually molecular, work nominate occur.This could attract mixed real world misfortunes and foes. The mystery is that the more persistently psyche opposes the perceive setback, the more they take a leak nada to the original belief in evil: honourable permit the mind go and look at a flower. Parents are god-like in their power over children. Your put forwards lives were alike lived in fear. However, on that point are realms where there is absolutely no fear. In such (divine) realms, realisation is complete. idolatry is entirely murder from these realms. On this earth where concourse can ascertain so separate, there does not exist a whole step of Oneness. I hump at last nobody can ruin or degrade you. worship comes from not acute the entire truth.-Kuan YinReference: You are unremitting: Kuan Yins universal Truths Bradford writes and speaks on the spiritual teachings of Kuan Yin (as channeled by Lena Lees). 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